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Future Electronics

The MediaNet Converter kit provides a flexible evaluation platform for rapid assessment and prototyping of Ethernet PHY applications. This includes conversion from CAT5 copper cable to both plastic optical fibre and glass optical fibre.

The kit combines the capabilities of Avago’s AFBR-5978Z, a fast Ethernet optical transceiver; and National Semiconductor's DP83849IF, a dual PHY with flexible port switching; to deliver out-of-the-box Ethernet prototyping.

The AFBR-5978Z transceiver enables fast 100Mb/s Ethernet over 50m of plastic optical fibre or 100m of glass optical fibre. These products may therefore be used for point-to-point communication links within harsh industrial environments or where high electrical isolation is required.

The DP83849IF dual PHY features two fully-independent 10/100 Ethernet ports for multi-port applications. DP83849IF’s unique port-switching capability also allows the two Ethernet ports to be configured to provide range extension, media conversion and hardware-based failover or port monitoring.

The MediaNet kit is the latest Future-Blox development board from Future Electronics. This means that the kit may be used as a stand-alone platform, or can be easily interconnected with a range of other Future-Blox boards. The MediaNet Converter Kit is supplied by the Future Electronics board club with two MediaNet Future-Blox and an SC-RJ plastic optical fibre cable. The bundled software tools enable the user to configure and monitor the AFBR-5978Z transceiver and DP83849IF dual PHY for different modes of operation.

  • Rapid Ethernet assessment

  • Interconnection with the Future-Blox range
  • 160-position Future-Blox board-to-board interface
  • AFBR-5978Z transceiver
  • AFBR-5978Z transmit disable manual over-ride switch
  • DP83849IF dual 10/100 PHY with flexible port switching
  • Extended capability parallel port interface
  • DIP switches and strap link headers
  • Two MII ports

  • Two RJ-45 CAT5 cable connectors with magnetics
  • LED status bank

  • 25MHz crystal oscillator


  • Prototyping of Ethernet PHY applications
  • Cat5 to plastic optical fibre Ethernet media conversion
  • Optical Ethernet repeaters
  • CAT5 copper Ethernet repeaters
  • Ethernet port swaps