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ADC Evaluation Board

The MCP3421 SOT23-6 Evaluation Board (P/N MCP3421EV) contains a MCP3421 18-bit Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). The MCP3421 is an 18-bit single channel ADC device with various options.

The MCP3421 SOT23-6 Evaluation Board has analog input connection pads and VDD, SDA, and SCL test pads. The user can connect any sensor input signal to this evaluation board and test the ADC conversion results.

The PICkit Serial Analyzer’s PC graphic user interface (GUI) provides the user’s interface for writing configuration register bits of the MCP3421 and displays the ADC conversion values. The PICkit Serial Analyzer links between the GUI and the MCP3421 SOT23-6 Evaluation Board, and provides the IC communication PC to the MCP3421 SOT23-6 Evaluation Board. The user also can use this MCP3421 SOT23-6 Evaluation Board without the PICkit Serial Analyzer by providing the IC communication signal to the SDA and SCL test pads on the board.


• This board works with the PICkit Serial Analyzer
• This board allows the user to measure the unknown input voltage with a minimum amount of preparation
• Write and read the MCP3421 configuration register bits using the PICkit Serial Analyzer
• Read the ADC conversion results using the PICkit Serial Analyzer
• Many test pads including the SCL and SDA allow to monitor the IC signals data comunications
• The user can connect the SDA and SCL pins to their own PCB board and evaluate the MCP3421 device performance