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Temp Sensor Demonstration Board

The MCP9800 Temp Sensor SEEVAL® 32 Data Logger board is a PCB assembly that uses a PIC10F202 to read Temperature Data using I²C communication from a Microchip MCP9800 Temperature Sensor, and stores that data, also using I²C communication, to a 24LC16B Serial EEPROM.

The board can then be placed into a SEEVAL 32 Serial EEPROM Evaluation tool and the content can be read and stored into a .hex file. We have also provided an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to import the .hex file so that the data may be graphed on your computer screen.


• Small PCB layout. Can be placed virtually anywhere you need to measure temperature
• Standard ICSP™ pinout so the firmware can be modified using a PICkit™ 2 programmer or any of Microchip’s programming tools using the ICSP programming adapter
• Standard Two-wire 8-pin pinout (inverted) for easy reading of the 24LC16B into the SEEVAL 32 evaluation tool software