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Fairchild Semiconductor
Synchronous Buck Regulator Evaluation Board

Fairchild's FEB281-001 Synchronous Buck Evaluation Board

The FAN8060 is a highly efficient, monolithic, currentmode, step-down synchronous regulator. It can provide 1A continuous current from 2.5V to 5.5V input voltage. The output voltage can be adjusted from 1.2V up to the input voltage with an external voltage divider.

External compensation and soft-start allow for design optimization and flexibility. High-frequency operation allows for all-ceramic solutions and small footprints. In addition, a user-selectable current limit provides protection against output overload and short circuit.

FAN8060 features pulse skipping to achieve higher efficiency during light load operation. 100% duty cycle capability enables power solutions to extend the drop out voltage.

Provision for external synchronization allows users to minimize input capacitors and manage EMI in solutions. The FAN8060 is available in a green, low profile, 10-Lead 3x3mm MLP package.


• Current Mode Control
• Over 96% Efficient
• 2.5V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
• Output Voltage as Low as 1.2V
• 1.2MHz Operating Frequency
• <1ľA Shutdown Current
• External Synchronization from 500kHz to 2MHz
• 100% Duty Cycle
• Synchronous Switching FET; no Schottky Diode Required
• Stable with Ceramic Capacitors
• Light Load Mode with Pulse Skipping
• External Compensation
• External Soft-Start
• Overload / Short-Circuit Protection
• Under-Voltage Lockout
• Thermal Shutdown
• 10-Lead 3x3mm Green MLP Package