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Fairchild Semiconductor
Synchronous Buck Regulator Evaluation Board

FEB278-001 TinyBuck™ Integrated Synchronous Buck Evaluation Board

The FAN210SV06 TinyBuck™ is a highly efficient, small-footprint, programmable-frequency, 6A integrated synchronous buck regulator. FAN21SV06 contains both synchronous MOSFETs and a controller/driver with optimized interconnects in one package, which enables designers to solve high-current requirements in a small area with minimal external components, thereby saving cost. On-board internal 5V regulator enables single-supply operation for input voltages >6.5V.

The FAN21SV06 can be configured to drive multiple slave devices OR synchronize to an external system clock. In slave mode, FAN21SV06 may be set up to be free-running in the absence of a master clock signal.

External compensation, programmable switching frequency, and current-limit features allow for design optimization and flexibility. High-frequency operation allows for all ceramic solutions.

Fairchild’s advanced BiCMOS power process combined with low-RDS(ON) internal MOSFETs and a thermally efficient MLP package provide the ability to dissipate high power in a small package. Integration helps to minimize critical inductances making layout simpler and more efficient compared to discrete solutions.

Output over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and thermal-shutdown protections help protect the device from damage during fault conditions. FAN21SV06 prevents pre-biased output discharge during startup in point-of-load applications.


• Single-Supply Operation with 6A Output Current
• Over 94% Efficiency
• Fully Synchronous Operation with Integrated Schottky Diode on Low-Side MOSFET Boosts Efficiency
• Single Supply Device for VIN > 6.5V – 24V
• Programmable Frequency Operation (200-600KHz)
• Externally Synchronizable Clock with Master/Slave Provisions
• Wide Input Range with Dual Supply: 3.0V to 24V
• Output Voltage Range: 0.8V to 80%VIN
• Power-Good Signal
• Accepts Ceramic Capacitors on Output
• External Compensation for Flexible Design
• Starts Up on Pre-Bias Outputs
• Integrated Bootstrap Diode
• Programmable Over-Current Protection
• Under-Voltage, Over-Voltage, and Thermal-Shutdown Protections
• 5x6mm, 25-pin, 3-pad MLP