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Fairchild Semiconductor
Synchronous Buck Regulator Evaluation Board

FEB300-001 TinyBuck™ Integrated Synchronous Buck Evaluation Board

The FAN2110 TinyBuck™ is a highly efficient, small footprint, constant frequency, 10A integrated synchronous Buck regulator.

The FAN2110 contains both synchronous MOSFETs and a controller/driver with optimized interconnects in one package, which enables designers to solve high-current requirements in a small area with minimal external components. Integration helps to minimize critical inductances making component layout simpler and more efficient compared to discrete solutions.

The FAN2110 provides for external loop compensation, programmable switching frequency, and current limit. These features allow design flexibility and optimization. High frequency operation allows for all ceramic solutions.

The summing current mode modulator uses lossless current sensing for current feedback and over-current protection. Voltage feedforward helps operation over a wide input voltage range.

Fairchild’s advanced BiCMOS power process, combined with low-RDS(ON) internal MOSFETs and a thermally efficient MLP package, provide the ability to dissipate high power in a small package.

Output over-voltage, under-voltage, and thermal shutdown protections help protect the device from damage during fault conditions. FAN2110 also prevents pre-biased output discharge during startup in point-of-load applications.


• Wide Input Voltage Range: 3V-24V
• Wide Output Voltage Range: 0.8V to 80% VIN
• 10A Output Current
• 1% Reference Accuracy Over Temperature
• Over 93% Peak Efficiency
• Programmable Frequency Operation: 200KHz to 600KHz
• Fully Synchronous Operation with Integrated Schottky Diode on Low-Side MOSFET Boosts Efficiency
• Internal Bootstrap Diode
• Power-Good Signal
• Starts up on Pre-Bias Outputs
• Accepts Ceramic Capacitors on Output
• External Compensation for Flexible Design
• Programmable Current Limit
• Under-Voltage, Over-Voltage, and Thermal Shutdown Protections
• Internal Soft-Start
• 5x6mm, 25-Pin, 3-Pad MLP Package