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Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) controller IC Demonstration Board

Expandable low-cost I2C-based demonstration board kit offers easy programming and evaluation of I2C devices.

The SSL152x family STARplug+ is a Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) controller IC that is particularly focused with lighting applications. It is implemented in the high-voltage EZ-HV SOI process, combined with a low-voltage BiCMOS process.

The device includes a high-voltage power switch and a circuit for start-up directly from the rectified mains voltage. A dedicated circuit for valley switching is built in, which makes a very efficient slim-line electronic power plug concept possible.In its most basic version of application, the SSL152x family acts as a voltage source.

Here, no additional secondary electronics are required. A combined voltage and current source can be realized with minimum costs for external components. Implementation of the SSL152x family renders an efficient and low-cost power supply system.


Designed for general purpose supplies up to 30W
Integrated power switch: SSL1520: 48W; 650V SSL1521: 24W; 650V SSL1522: 12W; 650V SSL1523: 6.5W; 650V

Operates from universal AC mains supplies (80V to 276V)
Adjustable frequency for flexible design
RC oscillator for load insensitive regulation loop constant
Valley switching for minimum switch-on loss
Frequency reduction at low power output makes low standby power possible (< 100mW)
Adjustable over-current protection
Under-voltage protection
Temperature protection
Short-circuit winding protection
Simple application with both primary and secondary (opto) feedback
Available in DIP8 and SO14 packages