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Fairchild Semiconductor
Synchronous Buck Regulator Evaluation board

The FAN5354, 3MHz, 3A synchronous Buck Regulator evaluation board showcases the high operating frequency of 3MHz that allows the use of tiny output capacitors (10UF) and output inductors (470nH).

This capability allows system designers to pick the chip inductors and capacitors that consume less board space at a lower cost, resulting in more affordable end applications. Designed with an ultra-fast proprietary architecture, these regulators offer best-in-class transient response, while consuming low quiescent current, making the application more reslient to sudden fluctuations in processor or I/O loads. This architecture also provides 94% system efficiency and minimizes system disturbances, escpecially during the PFM to PWM transition point.

Applications include:
Set-top boxes
Hard disk drives
Communication cards
Medical and industrial point of load
DSP power applications.