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Capacitive Button and Slider Touch Controller Evaluation Kit

Ultra Low Power, Capacitive Button and Slider Touch Controller (12 sensors) with Enhanced LED Drivers

The SX863x and SX864x family, is an ultra low power, fully integrated 12 (or 8) -channel solution for capacitive touch-buttons, slider and wheel and proximity applications with enhanced LED drivers. The SX863x/4x family features dedicated capacitive sense inputs (that requires no external components) in addition to 8 general purpose I/O ports (GPIO). Each GPIO is typically configured as LED driver with independent PWM source for enhanced lighting control such as intensity and fading. SX863x offers additionally proximity detection.


• Complete 12 Sensors Capacitive Touch Controller for Buttons and Slider
• High Resolution Capacitive Sensing
• Programmable Scanning Period from 15ms to 1500ms