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Low Power Integrated UHF RF Transceiver Evaluation Kit

The SX1231-31SKB is a USB based evaluation tool designed to allow simple and easy evaluation of the suitability of the SX1231 for a given application. The low component count reference design implemented in the SM1231 reference design is illustrated

The SX1231 is a single-chip integrated circuit ideally suited for today's high performance ISM band RF applications. The advanced feature set, including state of the art packet engine greatly simplifies system design whilst the high level of integration reduces the external BOM to a handful of passive decoupling and matching components. It is intended for use as high-performance, low-cost FSK and OOK RF transceiver for robust frequency agile, half-duplex bi-directional RF links, and where stable and constant RF performance is required over the full operating range of the device down to 1.8V.

2 x SM1231 modules 2 x USB bridge modules 2 x wave monopole antennas Installation CD or insert sheet 2 x USB cables