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Lowest Power Integrated UHF RF Transceiver Evaluation Kit

The SX1211SKA is a USB evaluation tool designed to allow simple and easy evaluation of the suitability of the SX1211 for a given application.

The SX1211 is a single chip transceiver IC designed for operation in the European 868 MHz and U.S. 915 MHz licence free ISM bands. The SX1211 is optimized for very low power consumption (3mA in receiver mode). It incorporates a baseband modem with data rates up to 200 kb/s. Data handling features include a sixty-four byte FIFO, packet handling, automatic CRC generation and data whitening. Its highly integrated architecture allows for minimum external component count whilst maintaining design flexibility. All major RF communication parameters are programmable and most of them may be dynamically set.


Low Rx power consumption: 3mA
Low Tx power consumption: 25 mA @ +10 dBm
Good reception sensitivity: down to -107 dBm at 25 kb/s in FSK, -113 dBm at 2kb/s in OOK
Programmable RF output power: up to +12.5 dBm in 8 steps
Packet handling feature with data whitening and automatic CRC generation
Wide RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) dynamic range, 70dB from Rx noise floor
Bit rates up to 200 kb/s, NRZ coding
On-chip frequency synthesizer
FSK and OOK modulation
Incoming sync word recognition
Built-in Bit-Synchronizer for incoming data and clock synchronization and recovery