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PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit

The PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit contains everything needed to begin development for Ethernet and USB Host/Device/OTG applications with the PIC32 Microcontroller family.

The board contains an RJ45 Ethernet connector, an on-board programmer/debugger, a full-size USB host connector, and a USB micro-B connector. The kit ships with an ethernet cable and USB cables for each connector. Free design documentation, development software and code examples can be obtained from the Ethernet Starter Kit web page. The board also contains an expansion header for expanding development with boards such as the I/O Expansion Board (DM320002), the Multimedia Expansion Board (DM320005), or a board that you would create on your own.


PIC32 Ethernet Starter Board
Standard A to mini B cable for debugger
Standard A to micro B cable for USB application development
Ethernet cable