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Cortex-M0 LPC1200 Xpresso Board

Powered by the smallest, most energy-efficient Cortex-M0 core, the LPC1200 provides compelling solutions for industrial control. The series includes up to 128 KB Flash and 8 KB SRAM

The LPC1200 extends NXPs 32-bit ARM microcontroller continuum and targets a wide range of industrial applications in the areas of factory and home automation, such as white goods, motor control, power conversion and power supplies. It also expands NXPs Cortex-M0 microcontroller offering with a wide range of Flash memory sizes. LPC1200 customers can now choose the exact Flash memory size they need, ranging from 32KB to 128KB in increments of 8KB. The LPC1200 product platform is specifically designed with flexibility and customization in mind, making it particularly suitable for a wide variety of energy-efficient system and power management requirements. For example, in advanced washing machines, the LPC1200 can control the motor systems, handle the user interface, monitor system power consumption, and manage off-board communications in a simple, integrated and energy-efficient solution. Its high current GPIO can directly control TRIACs without the need for external transistors, further reducing footprint and costs.


ARM Cortex-M0 processor - Up to 30 MHz CPU frequency with zero wait state from Flash - Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC) supports

32 vectored interrupts with fast and deterministic latency - Three reduced-power modes: Sleep, Deep-sleep, and Deep power-down

Memories - Up to 8 kB SRAM - Up to 128 kB Flash memory with 512 Byte page erase

Serial communication interfaces - Two UARTs with fractional baud-rate generation and internal FIFO plus RS-485, modem, and IrDA supports - I2C with Fast-mode Plus for twice the devices on one bus and longer transmission distances - SSP (SPI) controller with FIFO and multi-protocol capabilities

Analog peripherals - 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) with eight channels and conversion rates >400 ksps - Two comparators, each with up to six selectable external sources, fully configurable on either positive or negative comparator input channels

Other peripherals - Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller with 21 channels supports onboard UART, SPI, ADC, RTC, counters/timers, comparators, I2C, and GPIO - Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) engine with programmable polynomial settings and support for several CRC standards - Two 32-bit general-purpose counter/timers with four capture inputs and four match outputs - Two 16-bit general-purpose counter/timers with two capture inputs and two match outputs - Windowed Watchdog Timer (WDT) designed to comply with IEC 60730 Class B safety requirements - 32-bit Real-time Clock (RTC) - Up to 55 general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pins, all with configurators and a digital filter