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EZ-USB® FX3 Development Kit

EZ-USB® FX3™ is the world’s first general purpose USB 3.0 “SuperSpeed” device controller with the capability to give any product USB 3.0 device support.

The Cypress EZ-USB FX3 Development Kit (DVK) is a combination of hardware, software, and documentation that enables evaluation of the FX3 device. The DVK can be used to start hardware or software integration and then move to the final systems after the integration phase is complete.


• Integration: Full USB 3.0 Device Controller with built in PHY
• High-Performance: Built in ARM 9 and 512 kB RAM for data manipulation
• Connectivity: I2S, SPI and UART peripherals allows FX3 to act as co-processor
• Flexibility: Proprietary 32-bit 100 MHz General Programmable Interface (GPIF™-II) technology has configurable data bus and timing to connect to virtually any processor and add USB 3.0 device support to any product.
• Low Power: Low 1.2 V core and independent power domains
• Multitasking: 32 configurable endpoints
• Flexible Clock: Selectable XTAL input from 19.2, 26, 38.4 and 52 MHz
• Small Size: Device comes in a 10x10mm 121 ball 0.8mm pitch BGA package