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8-Channel LED Driver Evaluation board

The XRP7618 is an 8-channel, high voltage, constant-current sink LED driver capable of driving up to 100mA current per channel.

With outputs rated at 30V, the XRP7618 can control strings of multiple LEDs with better than ±1.5% channel to channel current matching. LED channel current is programmed via an external resistor within a 10mA to 100mA range. Dimming control is supported through a standard PWM scheme up to 25kHz or through an analog signal. Featuring Exar’s Smart Talk™ technology, when combined with a boost converter, the XRP7618 maximizes the overall system efficiency by dynamically reporting the minimum LED voltage necessary to maintain current regulation mode. Multiple channels can be combined to increase current driving capability per channel and multiple XRP7618s can be placed in parallel to drive over 8 strings of LEDs. An under voltage lock out, open LED and over temperature protections insure safe operations under abnormal operating conditions.


• 8 Constant-Current Channels ◦Adjustable up to 100mA per Channel ◦Channel Paralleling for higher Current ◦±1.5% Channel to Channel Accuracy
• Up to 30V LED Channel Voltage Range ◦5V Biasing Voltage and Control
• Smart Talk System Power Optimization
• Parallel Operations Support
• PWM and Analog Dimming
• UVLO, Open LED & Over Temperature protection
• RoHS Compliant Halogen Free, 20-pin TSSOP (EP) Package