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IEEE802.15.4, JenNet & ZigBee Pro Evaluation board

The JN5148-EK010 evaluation kit provides a complete environment for the development of IEEE802.15.4, JenNet and ZigBee PRO applications based on the JN5148 wireless microcontroller.

The kit contains a complete package of hardware and software, including five wireless sensor nodes and a pre-installed demonstration application. Software Developer Kits (SDK) are available to download from the support pages. The SDK provides a complete set of development tools, software libraries and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for programming and controlling the on-chip peripherals of the JN5148, for configuring and managing the network and for data communication. Out of the box, the hardware nodes are pre-programmed and demonstrate an example home sensor demo that monitors the state of sensors on the wireless nodes and presents this information on the controller node’s LCD display.


• Complete SDK and network stacks
• JenNet stack for quick and easy development of proprietary systems
• ZigBee-compliant platform
• Unrestricted development environment
• Rapid application development and demonstration
• ZigBee profile support with increasing number of clusters
• Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) library for ZigBee PRO Smart Energy security available from Certicom