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RF/IF and RFID Evaluation Board

The MLX71122 is a multi-channel RF receiver IC based on a double-conversion super-heterodyne architec-ture.

It is designed to receive FSK and ASK modulated RF signals either in 8 predefined frequency channels or frequency programmable via a 3-wire serial programming interface (SPI). The IC is designed for a variety of applications, for example in the European bands at 433MHz and 868MHz or for the use in North America or Asia, e.g. at 315MHz, 447MHz or 915MHz.

�� Programmable PLL synthesizer �� 8-channel preconfigured or fully programmable SPI mode �� Double super-heterodyne receiver architecture with 2nd mixer as image rejection mixer �� Reception of FSK, FM and ASK modulated signals �� Low shut-down and operating currents �� AGC automatic gain control �� On-chip IF filter �� Fully integrated FSK/FM demodulator �� RSSI for level indication and ASK detection �� 2nd order low-pass data filter �� Positive and negative peak detectors �� Data slicer (with averaging or peak-detector adaptive threshold) �� 32-pin Quad Flat No-Lead Package (QFN) �� EVB programming software is available on Melexis web site