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Very High Density Isolated DC-DC Converter

The Cool-PowerŪ PI3106-01-HVIZ is a very high density isolated DC-DC converter implementing a high efficiency soft-switching power architecture.

The PI3106-01-HVIZ operates over an input range of 18V to 36Vdc, delivering ~50W of output power (12Vout @ 4.2A), yielding an unprecedented power density of 334W/in3. The PI3106-01-HVIZ is available in a space saving surface mountable 22mm x 16.5mm x 6.7mm package, achieving ~50% space reduction versus conventional solutions.


 Efficiency up to 88.5%  High switching frequency minimizes input filter requirements and reduces output capacitance  Proprietary “Double-Clamped” ZVS Buck-Boost Topology  Proprietary isolated magnetic feedback  Small footprint (0.57 in2) enables PCB area savings  Very low profile (0.26 in)  Industrial input voltage range (18-36Vdc)  On/Off Control, positive logic  +10/-20% Trim  Temperature Monitor (TM) & Over-Temperature Protection (OTP)  Input UVLO & OVLO and output OVP  Over current protection with auto restart  Adjustable soft-start  Starts up into high capacitive loads  2250V input to output isolation