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60V/12A Full-Function High Side Active ORing

The PI2127-EVAL1 Evaluation Board is intended to acquaint the user with the benefits and features of the Cool-ORing® PI2127 full-function Active ORing solution.

The PI2127-EVAL1 allows the user to test the basic principles and operational characteristics of an Active ORing function in a redundant power architecture, while also experiencing the benefits and value of the PI2127 solution versus conventional Active ORing solutions. The PI2127-EVAL1 evaluation board is configured to receive two independent power source inputs, per a typical redundant power architecture, through two Active ORing channels that are combined to form a redundant power output. Each channel is capable of up to 12A, and is suitable redundant bus voltages up to 48V.
Both dynamic and steady state testing of the PI2127 can be completed on the PI2127-EVAL1 evaluation board, in addition to using the key features of the product. Dynamic testing can be completed under a variety of system level fault conditions to check for response time to faults.


• Integrated high performance 12 A, 8.5 mΩ MOSFET
• Very small, high density fully-optimized solution with simple PCB layout
• Fast dynamic response to power source failures, with 80 ns reverse current turn-off delay time
• Accurate sensing capability to indicate system fault conditions (-6 mV reverse threshold)
• Internal charge pump
• Active low fault flag output
• Low thermal impedance RΘJ-PCB < 10°C /W