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0.9 to 14 V hot swap / circuit breaker controller Eval Board

The PI2211 is a hot swap / circuit breaker controller for bus voltages of 0.9 to 14 V. Unlike conventional hot swap controllers, the PI2211 incorporates True –SOA MOSFET protection which emulates the transient thermal performance of the MOSFET.

Typical hot swap devices utilize power limiting based upon standard SOA curves not taking into account transient performance issues. Only the PI2211 with True-SOA emulates and protects the MOSFET under its actual operating conditions taking into account transient events. The PI2211 also utilizes Glitch-Catcher voltage suppression that prevents overvoltage events caused by the energy stored in the parasitic inductance of the input power path in response to a rapid interruption of the forward current during an overcurrent fault event. Acting as an active snubber, this circuitry mitigates the need for large external protection components by shunting the energy through the MOSFET to the low impedance load.


• Programmable MOSFET True-SOA™ Protection
• Programmable circuit breaker with Glitch-Catcher voltage suppression
• 100 nS circuit breaker fault detection time
• Programmable inrush current limiting
• Adjustable Input Under-voltage Lockout (UVLO) with hysteresis
• Adjustable Input Over-voltage Lockout (OVLO) with hysteresis