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2A 18V Synchronous Step-Down Converter Evaluation Board

The XRP7664 is a synchronous current mode PWM step down (buck) regulator capable of a constant output current up to 2Amps. A wide 4.75V to 18V input voltage range allows for single supply operations from industry standard 5V and 12V power rails.

With a 340kHz constant operating frequency and integrated high and low side 120mΩ/110mΩ MOSFETs, the XRP7664 reduces the overall component count and solution footprint. Current-mode control provides fast transient response and cycle-by-cycle current limit. An adjustable soft-start prevents inrush current at turn-on, and in shutdown mode the supply current drops to 0.1uA.

Built-in output over voltage (open load), over temperature, cycle-by-cycle over current and under voltage lockout (UVLO) protections insure safe operations under abnormal operating conditions.


• Pin/Function Compatible to MP1482

• 2A Continuous Output Current

• 4.75V to 18V Wide Input Voltage

• PWM Current Mode Control
◦340kHz Constant Operations
◦Up to 93% Efficiency

• Adjustable Output Voltage
◦0.925V to 16V Range
◦3% Accuracy

• Programmable Soft-Start and Enable Function

• Built-in Thermal, Over Current, UVLO and Output Over Voltage Protections

• RoHS Compliant, “Green”/Halogen Free 8-Pin SOIC Package