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MCP79410 RTCC PICtail Plus Daughter Board

The MCP7941x RTCC PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board demonstrates the features and abilities of the MCP7941x and MCP7940x Real-Time Clock/Calendar family in standard development platforms.

This new device is designed for the price-competitive consumer products market, and includes 64 Bytes of SRAM as additional scratchpad memory, as well as a digital-trimming circuit that can compensate up to 11 seconds per day for crystal error. The MCP7940M devices provide accurate timekeeping at a low cost.

By designing this daughter board with the PICtail Plus, PICtail and PICkit™ serial connectors, it will operate with the Explorer 16 Development Board, the PICDEM PIC18 Explorer Board, the XLP 16-bit Development Board and the PICkit Serial Analyzer tool. Also included is a 3V coin cell battery that can be installed in the coin cell holder for backup power. Package contents includes the RTCC PICtail Plus Daughter Board, a 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery, and an Info Sheet.