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Fairchild Semiconductor
6-channel linear LED driver.

The FAN5626 Evaluation Kit is convinient vehicle to evaluate the capabilities of the FAN566, 6 channel linear LED driver.

The evaluation kit includes FAN5626 PCB and CD with data sheet and user Guide. The FAN5626 evaluation board, a completely assembled and tested surface mount board , provides probe access points to inputs and outputs so that electrical charecteristics and waveforms can be measured. The FAN5626 can drive 6 LED`s in parallel with a total output of 180mA.

The FAN5626 is a 6-channel current-sink linear LED driver used to backlight the main LCD display or keypad in mobile electronics, such as cellular phone handsets. A very low dropout of 50mV allows driving LEDs without any inductors or switch capacitors. The brightness levels of the LED outputs are programmed through single-wire digital control interface. The user can program 32 linear dimming steps and turn on and off the LEDs through this interface by applying digital pulses. The FAN5626 linear LED driver provides high efficiency due to the low drop-out voltage of the LED driver. Good matching between different channels of LED output is provided across the entire 32 dimming steps. These LED driver also integrates short-circuit, under-voltage, and thermal protections to ensure a robust solution. The FAN5626 is available in a very small form-factor 10-lead MicroPak™ MLP package.


• Linear Current-Sink LED Driver that Supports 6 LED Outputs
• Current Sink Driver for Each LED Output: ◦30mA Maximum Output Current ◦50mV Drop-out at 15mA IOUT ◦Better than 3% Matching between Channels ◦External RSET ◦Single-Wire Digital Control Interface for Easy Programming
• 32 Linear Steps of Dimming Control
• Less than 1µA Shut-Down Current
• Short-Circuit, Under-Voltage, and Thermal Protection
• Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.7 to 5.5V
• Small Form-Factor 10-lead 1.6x2.1x0.55mm MicroPak™ MLP Package