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Fairchild Semiconductor
Multi-LED Driver (Charge-Pump-Based). Demo board

The FAN5701 is a highly integrated and efficient chargepump- based multi-LED driver.

The device can drive up to six LEDs in parallel with a total output current of 180mA. The FAN5701 is capable of driving a primary display backlight requiring four to six LEDs. When more than four LEDs are needed for backlighting, the FAN5701s two PWM dimming inputs can be connected together to provide the proper dimming control for all six LEDs. When a primary and sub-display is needed, the FAN5701 can be controlled such that each group can be dimmed independently. For candybar phones requiring a primary display and simple keypad lighting, the FAN5701 offers a simple and compact lighting solution. Regulated internal current sinks deliver excellent current and brightness matching to all six LEDs. The device provides excellent efficiency without an inductor by operating the charge pump in 1.5x or pass-through modes. The FAN5701 can be ordered with default ISET values of 30mA, 20mA, 15mA, or 8mA and available in WLCSP or ultra-thin UMLP package types. The default ISET is always determined by the part number purchased.


Six (6) Parallel LEDs (up to 30mA each)
Total Package Load Current Capability: 180mA
Two Default Groups of Four (4) and Two (2) LEDs for Main and Sub-Display Lighting with Individual PWM Dimming Controls that Operate up to 20kHz
600:1 Dimming Ratio for 100Hz PWM Frequency
Up to 92% Efficiency
Built-in 1.5x Charge Pump with Low-Dropout Bypass Switch
Wide Input Range: 2.7V to 5.5V
VOUT Over-Voltage and Short-Circuit Protection
Over-Temperature Protection
1.2MHz Switching Frequency for Small-Sized Capacitors
16-Bump 1.61mm x 1.61mm WLCSP (0.6mm Height)
16-Lead 3.0mm x 3.0mm UMLP (0.55mm Height)