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230V 8W Flyback retrofit SSL lamp reference design - Low THD

The reference design demonstrates an 8W 230V solution optimized for retrofit SSL Lamps.

The Flyback circuit is build around the SSL21101 controller and achieves high efficiency, high power factor and low THD.


IC used: SSL21101T
Primary side sensing (no optocoupler required)
True current source behavior
AC line input voltage: 190 V to 260 V (AC)
Output voltage (LED voltage): 18 V to 39 V (DC)
Output current (LED current): 235 mA
Current ripple: 25 % (at mains frequency)
Typical output power: 7 W
Efficiency: 85 % to 87 % (at Tamb = 25 C)
Power Factor (PF): 0.96 (at 230 V; 7 W output power) THD <20%
Switching frequency: 20 kHz to 100 kHz
Real Board dimensions: 25 mm x 43 mm x 25 mm (L x W x H)
Operating temperature: 0 C to 85 C
Isolation voltage: 1.5 kV