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Low Pin Count USB Development Kit

The Low Pin Count USB Development Kit provides an easy, low-cost way to evaluate the functionality of Microchips PIC18F14K50 and PIC18F13K50 20-pin USB microcontrollers.

The kit also supports the PIC16F145x USB MCUs in 14- and 20-pins. The all-inclusive kit contains the hardware, software, and code examples necessary to bring your next USB design from concept to prototype. Created with the USB novice in mind, the kit includes Getting Started with Microchips Low Pin Count USB Solutions, a self-directed course and lab material designed to east the learning curve associated with adding USB connectivity to embedded systems.

Note: An adapter plug is required for use with the included debug header. Should you wish to utilize the in-circuit debug capability during the advanced stages of your development, you will need to purchase Microchip Part Number ACICE0203 separately.


fully populated low pin count USB Development Board

unpopulated spare development board

PIC18F14K50 Debug Header

CD containing the user guide, course materials, and product documentation.