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ISL28617 instrumentation amplifier / foil resistor eval board

The ISL28617VYXXEV1Z evaluation board is designed to assess the ISL28617 instrumentation amplifier’s (in-amp) performance with Bulk Metal® Foil resistors from Vishay Precision Group.

With a differential input voltage range up to ±34V, a supply voltage range of 8V (±4V) to 40V (±20V) and gain ranging from 0.1 to 10,000, this precision in-amp is ideal for a wide variety of applications. It features differential inputs and outputs, and can drive the output rail-to-rail. The board is configured for ease of use, but allows for more complex variations to fit the user’s need. The evaluation board includes test points (VCC, VEE, and GND) for the power supply inputs, and is configured for operation from split supplies between ±4V to ±20V. There are two pairs of test points for the differential input and output as well (VIN+, VIN-, VOUT+, and VOUT-). The board is available in three different gain configurations: 0.25, 10 and 100. Please refer to AN1753 for details.


• Rail-to-rail Differential Output ADC Driver
• High Voltage Interface to Low Voltage Circuits
• Wide Operating Voltage Range: ±4V to ±20V
• Low Input Offset: 30μV
• Excellent CMRR and PSRR: 120dB
• Closed Loop -3dB BW: 0.3MHz (AV= 1k) to 5MHz (AV= 0.1)
• Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C
• Package: 24 Ld TSSOP