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BGU8009 GNSS LNA evaluation board

The BGU8009 GPS LNA evaluation board simplifies the evaluation of the BGU8009 LNA for the GPS application.

The evaluation board enables testing of the device performance and requires no additional support circuitry. The board is fully assembled with the BGU8009, the input series inductor and a decoupling capacitor. The board is supplied with two SMA connectors for input and output connection to RF test equipment. The BGU8009 can operate from a 1.5 V to 3.1 V single supply and consumes about 4.4 mA.


• Covers full GNSS L1 band, from 1559 MHz to 1610 MHz
• Noise figure (NF) = 0.70 dB
• Gain = 17.8 dB
• High input 1 dB compression point of -7 dBm
• High out of band IP3I of 6 dBm
• Supply voltage 1.5 V to 3.1 V
• Optimized performance at very low supply current of 4.4 mA
• Power-down mode current consumption < 1 µA
• Integrated temperature stabilized bias for easy design
• Requires only one input matching inductor and one supply decoupling capacitor
• Input and output DC decoupled
• ESD protection on all pins (HBM > 2 kV)
• Integrated matching for the output 1.1 x 0.9 x 0.5 mm³; 0.4 mm pitch: SOT1230
• 180 GHz transit frequency - SiGe:C technology