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LPC2148 Micro-Blox
LPC2148 Micro-Blox

Easy and comprehensive ARM7 evaluation.

The LPC2148 Micro-Blox features the LPC2148 ARM7TDMI-S 32-bit microcontroller from NXP Semiconductors, capable of operating at up to 60MHz. The LPC2148 also features up to 512kB of Flash, up to 40kB of SRAM and a USB 2.0 Full Speed interface.

This Micro-Blox board may be used as an independent board or as part of a system using the Future-Blox LongBow baseboard to enhance functionality, I/O capability and communication interfaces. The Micro-Blox interface on the boards allows board-to-ribbon connection to user systems or board-to-board development to the LongBow baseboard.


LPC2148 ARM7 microcontroller (LQFP64)
LDO to provide +3.3V locally from a +5V USB supply
Debugging and programming interface using on-board IC and USB2.0 interface
20-pin JTAG header Go to my-Resources for supporting software download