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PCA8538 Segment Driver evaluation board

The OM13501 is an LCD demo board which can be used to demonstrate and evaluate the PCA8538 segment driver.

This is a chip-on-glass LCD driver which can drive up to 918 segments in mux 1:9. The board is controlled by an LPCXpresso micro controller board, which contains the LPC1115, a Cortex M0 controller. A free IDE can be downloaded in order to modify the software. Supply of the board can be via two AA batteries, an AC adapter or USB.

  • Demonstrates PCA8538 LCD driver
  • Features a Vertical Alignment (VA) COG display module with integrated backlight
  • Plugged in OM13035 LPCXpresso board with LPC1115 microcontroller
  • 3 push buttons
  • User modifiable firmware, In-System/In-Application Programming (ISP/IAP) via USB
  • Power supply can be either using two AA batteries, via USB or via an AC adapter/external power supply. This can also be used for external VLCD