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The SAMA5D36-EK is a full-featured evaluation platform for the Atmel SAMA5D36
embedded microprocessor.

The kit consists of a main board, a computer module equipped with a SAMA5D36 processor, and a display module. It is supported by the SAMA5D3 Softpack, a free set of bare metal C examples, and is delivered with on-board demos for Linux and Qt-based GUI. The SAMA5D36-EK allows users to extensively evaluate, prototype and create applications that require graphics, audio, mass storage, networking, connectivity and more.

Source files and binaries for the on-board demo are available on Linux4SAM, the entry point to open source solutions for Atmel ARM® core-based embedded microprocessors.

  • Atmel SAMA5D36 embedded MPU running at 536MHz in a BGA324 package
  • 4Gb DDR2, 2Gb NAND Flash, 128Mb NOR , 32Mb SPI Serial DataFlash, 512Kb EEPROM
  • JLink and CDC on-board, optional JTAG test access port
  • MII/RMII Ethernet 10/100 w/PHY
  • RGMII Ethernet 1Gb w/PHY
  • Four-wire RS232
  • Two USB 2.0 Hosts, one USB 2.0 Host/Device
  • Conexant CX20548 SmartDAA for soft modem implementation
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Headphone output, line in and microphone
  • One 5.0” WVGA resistive TFT LCD module with four QTouch keys
  • One ISI interface for connection to a CMOS sensor
  • One HDMI interface
  • One 10-pin connector for Atmel RZ600 ZigBee® module
  • Two CAN connectors