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Capsense Express Kit with Smartsense Auto-tuning

The CY3280-MBR3 CapSense MBR3 Evaluation Kit can be used to evaluate the 3rd generation of Cypress's industry-leading register configurable CapSense technology. The CapSense MBR3 Evaluation Kit provides to users the industry's best CapSense performance supporting CapSense buttons, proximity sensing, water tolerance and many more features.

The CY3280-MBR3 CapSense MBR3 Evaluation Kit provides users the industry’s best CapSense capabilities and the easiest development experience. The CapSense MBR3 devices are register configurble and require no firmware development to implement design features. The devices and the kit use the EZ-Click™ software tool to directly configure features. The CapSense MBR3 solution supports Cypress’s industry-leading SmartSense™ Auto-tuning technology, which reduces design effort by eliminating manual tuning due to variations in PCB, overlay, paint and manufacturing. The kit can be used to easily evaluate the advantages of SmartSense Auto-tuning.

  • CY3280-MBR3 CapSense MBR3 Evaluation Kit board
  • Water Dropper
  • Additional 1mm Plastic Overlay
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide