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Highly Efficient 3A Synchronous Buck Regulator

The ISL85003ADEMO1Z demonstration kit isintended for use for point-of-load applications sourcing from 4.5V to 18V.

The kit is used to demonstrate the performance of the ISL85003A, high efficiency synchronous buck regulator. TheISL85003A is offered in a 4x3mm dual flat no lead (DFN) package.


  • Input voltage range 4.5V to 18V
  • Output voltage adjustable from 0.8V, 1%
  • Efficiency up to 95%
  • Integrated boot diode with undervoltage detection
  • Current mode control
    • DCM/CCM
    • Internal or external compensation options
    • 500kHz switching frequency option
    • External synchronization up to 2MHz on ISL85003
  • Adjustable soft-start time on the ISL85003A
  • Open drain PG window comparator
    • Built-in protection
    • Positive and negative overcurrent protection
    • Overvoltage and thermal protection
    • Input overvoltage protection