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60V, 1A/2A Peak, 1/2 Bridge Driver with 4V UVLO

The HIP2103-4DEMO1Z is a general purpose motor drive with a microprocessor controller.

Three motor drive topologies are supported: 3-phase for BLDC motors, and full and half bridge for conventional brushed DC motors. Hall effect rotor position sensors are used to control the switching sequence of the BLDC topology (not required for the brushed DC motors).

The operating bridge voltage can vary between 13V and 50V and the maximum motor current is 20A (with sufficient air flow). This motor drive can be used as a design reference for multiple applications including e-bikes, battery powered tools, electric power steering, wheel chairs, or any other application where a brushed or brushless DC motors are utilized



  • 60V maximum bootstrap supply voltage
  • 3.3V and 12V LDOs with dedicated enable pins (HIP2104)
  • 5ľA sleep mode quiescent current
  • 4V undervoltage lockout
  • 3.3V or 5V CMOS compatible inputs with hysteresis
  • Integrated bootstrap FET (replaces traditional boot strap diode)