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Integrated Flyback Converter

BD7F100HFN-LB is an optocoupler-less Isolated Flyback Converter.

An optocoupler or a 3rd winding from a transformer needed in the conventional application of feedback circuits becomes unnecessary to obtain a stable output voltage isolated by the transformer. The
number of parts is reduced drastically producing a
small-sized and high-reliability application isolated type
power supply.

  • Guaranteed long time supply and availability for Industrial Applications.
  • No need for an optocoupler or a transformer 3rd winding. The output voltage can be set by two external resistors and the transformer turns ratio.
  • Uses Original Adapted Type ON-Time Control Technology. High-speed load response is realized and external phase compensation parts are unnecessary.
  • Fixed switching frequency and low power output ripple
  • Efficient light load mode correspondence (PFM operation)
  • Enables Shutdown Control
  • Built-in N-Channel MOS
  • Soft start function
  • Output load compensation function
  • Complete protection functions:
     - Input low voltage protection (VIN UVLO)
     - Over-current protection (OCP)
     - Output short circuit protection (SCP)
     - Temperature protection (TSD)