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SX1272DVK1BAS and SX1272DVK1CAS Evaluation Kits for the 868 MHz and 915 MHz Low Power Long Range Transceivers

The SX1272 is a single-chip integrated circuit ideally suited for today's high performance ISM band RF applications. Added to the renowned, high-performance and low-cost, FSK / OOK RF transceiver modem, the SX1272 is also equipped with the LoRa proprietary transceiver modem.

This advanced feature set, including a state of the art packet engine, greatly simplifies system design whilst the high level of integration reduces the external BOM to a handful of passive decoupling and matching components. It is intended for use as high-performance, long range, half-duplex bi-directional RF links, and where stable and constant RF performances are required over the full operating range of the device down to 1.8V.

The SX1272 is intended for applications over a wide frequency range, including the 868 MHz European and the 902-928 MHz North American ISM bands. Coupled with a link budget in excess of 135 dB in FSK in excess of 155 dB in LoRa, the SX1272 really offers the possibility of two modems in one single package. The SX1272 complies with both ETSI and FCC regulatory requirements and is available in a 5x5 mm QFN 28 lead free package.

The SX1272 Evaluation kit, based around the Eiger platform, allows the user to test every aspect of the radio, both from the system and RF point of view. On one hand, the Eiger platform is a touch screen portable device which has been design to enable quick and easy testing of the PER performances of the SX1272. On the other hand, the SX1272SKA is a PC based evaluation tool which allows in depth testing of the radio.