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PCF85263A I²C-bus evaluation board

The OM13510 is the ideal evaluation and demo board of the PCF85263A. It can be used in the design phase of any project. Just the supplies and the bus must be connected.

On the OM13510 the IC RTC PCF85263ATL is mounted together with a quartz crystal, a lithium battery plus the blocking capacitor, buffering the supply voltage. A push button allows activating the time stamp. All signals are accessible on a line of pins, overcoming the difficulties to contact the tiny package directly.

  • Straight forward evaluation of the new tiny RTC PCF85263 with
    • Battery back-up
    • 2 alarm facilities with 2 configurable interrupt outputs
    • Time stamp
    • Tracking time or stopwatch, with 1/100 s resolution
  • Easy access to all pins despite of the tiny package:
    • Connector P2 100mil (2.54 mm) pin pitch
    • Access to all pins
  • Battery on board for autonomous operation
    • Can be switched off
  • Interfacing with the FM+ development board OM13320
    • Connector P1
  • Push bottom to trigger time stamp
  • Easy measurements of power consumption
    • Jumper J2 to open to link in μA-meter