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EtherCAT Slave controller Evaluation Kit with DIG-IO PDI interface

The LAN9252 DIGIO board satisfies the demand for hardware only EtherCAT slave devices, and achieves this using LAN9252.

The DIGIO interface is exposed together with control signals and can operate without an attached MCU. The board allows for dual network connections to RJ45 sockets or can optionally fit optical interfaces to accommodate Fiber via an SFP module. This board is delivered pre-configured and on power-up will appear to a host as an EtherCAT slave.

  • The EVB-LAN9252-DIGIO supports two Integrated PHY's  via on board RJ45 Connectors.
  • The EVB-LAN9252-DIGIO supports Various DIG-IO PDI configurations with onboard jumper for configuring the Inputs and LED's for Outputs  
  • Option for onboard Fiber Interface via SFP module
  • The onboard EEPROM to configure the EtherCAT salve configuration