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Origin GPS

Evaluation Kit of the ORG1410 GPS Antenna Module comprises the Demo Board, USB to UART
cable and CD with GPS simulator software for PC and documentation.

The Demo Board is built of Main Board, incorporating 1.8V LDO regulator, UART connector, pushbutton
tactile switch for Push-To-Fix™ interrupt and various test points.
The ORG1410 GPS Antenna Module is soldered onto the Main Board through the Interface
The Interface Adaptor includes a single-bit buffer for voltage level translation of TX line, and a
voltage supervisor for autonomous power-on pulse generation.


Optimized receiver and antenna combinationHornet family offers an optimized receiver and antenna combination with unconditional frequency stability, improved noise immunity, higher sensitivity, and enhanced SNR (Signal to Noise) levels. The optimized combination not only decreases the footprint, but also minimizes design risks and reduces time to market.

World’s smallest form factorMeasuring only 10x10x5.8mm and weighing 2.5 gr., the Micro Hornet is the world’s smallest fully integrated GPS antenna module. Despite its small size and weight, the Micro Hornet integrates a patch antenna element, LNA, SAW filter, TCXO, RTC crystal, RF shield and Power Management Unit with SiRFStarIV™ GPS processor.

Outstanding performance and sensitivityThe Hornet module offers superior sensitivity and outstanding performance, achieving rapid time to first fix (TTFF) in less than 1sec., accuracy of approximately 1m, and tracking sensitivity down to -163dBm.