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Qi A11 wireless charger transmitter evaluation board based on STWBC

The STEVAL-ISB027V1 is a Qi 5 Watt wireless battery charger transmitter evaluation board based on the STWBC digital controller for wireless battery charger transmitters.

The solution is certified in accordance with the Qi standard, A11 topology. The STEVAL-ISB027V1 provides a complete kit which includes the STWBC IC, firmware, layout and tools. The layout is based on a cost-effective 2-layer PCB.

Tools for the STEVAL-ISB027V1 are available on www.st.com, and allow users to access run time information such as the current power delivered or the FOD status. The STWBC firmware offers users the flexibility to modify the behavior of the LEDs or GPIOs, while adding customizable IC and UART communication.

  • STWBC digital controller
  • 5 W output power
  • Qi 1.1.2 A11 certified
  • Foreign object detection (FOD)
  • Resistive and capacitive modulation
  • Active presence detector
  • Turn-key & FW APIs
  • complete kit (IC, firmware, tools)
  • RoHS compliant