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Synchronous Step-down PWM Controller

The ISL8117EVAL1Z and ISL8117EVAL2Z evaluation boards feature the ISL8117. The ISL8117 is a 60V high voltage synchronous buck controller.

The ISL8117 offers external soft-start, independent enable functions and integrates UV/OV/OC/OT protection. Its current mode control architecture and internal compensation network keep peripheral component count minimal. Programmable switching frequency ranging from 200kHz to 2MHz helps to optimize inductor size while the strong gate driver delivers up to 30A for the buck output.

The ISL8117EVAL1Z and ISL8117EVAL2Z evaluation boards are designed for high current application. The current rating of the ISL8117EVAL2Z is limited by the FETs and inductor selected. The ISL8117 gate driver is capable of delivering up to 20A for the buck output as long as the proper FETs and inductor are provided.

  • Wide input range:  4.5V to 60V (ISL8117EVAL1Z), 18V to 60V (ISL8117EVAL2Z)
  • High light load efficiency in pulse skipping DEM operation
  • Programmable soft-start
  • Optional DEM/CCM operation
  • Supports prebias output with SR soft-start
  • External frequency sync
  • PGOOD indicator
  • OCP, OVP, OTP, UVP protection
  • Back biased from output to improve efficiency