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Cypress Semiconductor
ARM Cortex M4F Starter Kit

The Spansion SK-FM4-176L-S6E2CC Starter Kit is intended for evaluation of this general-purpose microcontroller. The board is equipped with peripheral devices you can use to explore the modules on the MCU. The Arduino-compatible interface permits the connection of shields, allowing development of many diverse applications.

  • Microcontroller Spansion FM4 S6E2CCA
  • Ethernet:
    • 1x IEEE802.3 Ethernet
  • USB:
    • 1x USB device (USB Micro B interface)
  • Quad SPI interface
    • Spansion flash memory S25FL132K
  • I2S audio interface
    • Using Wolfson WM8731 audio CODEC
  • USB-to-serial converter (USB Micro B interface)
    • Using Spansion FM3 MB9AF312K
    • UART and on-board JTAG simultaneously (CMSIS DAP)
  • Optional JTAG/JLINK Debug on a 10 pin-header
  • Spansion Multicon flexible serial interface
    • supporting I2C, SPI, UART, and LIN
  • User interfaces
    • 1x pushbutton (User buttons)
    • 1x Reset-button, Reset-LED
    • Photo-transistor for analog input connected to ADC
    • 3-axis I2C accelerometer
  • On-board 3 volt regulator to supply MCU
  • 2x Power supply options
    • USB-Device
  • 2MB Flash, 256KB RAM on-chip
  • 16MBit on-board PSRAM
  • 32MBit on-board Flash
  • 4 MHz main crystal, 200MHz Main Clock (via internal PLL)
  • RoHS compliant, CE conform
  • Head-phone, Microphone and Line-In jacks