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Ultra-Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with Bias Rail Evaluation Board

The NCP59748MN1ADJTBGEVB evaluation board is designed to quickly evaluate the NCP59748, an Ultra-Low Dropout Voltage Regulator, capable of providing an output current in excess of 1.5 A with a dropout voltage of 60 mV typ. at full load current.

The devices are stable with ceramic and any other type of output capacitor ≥ 2.2 μF. This series contains adjustable output voltage version with output voltage down to 0.8 V. Internal protection features consist of built-in thermal shutdown and output current limiting protection. User-programmable Soft-Start and Power-Good pins are available on both QFN and DFN versions. The NCP59748 is offered in DFN10 3 x 3 and QFN20 5 x 5 packages.


This video demonstrates some of the features and capabilities of the NCP59748MN1ADJTBGEVB.