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PN5180 NFC frontend development kit

OM25180FDKM is a flexible and easy to use frontend development kit for PN5180.

 It contains a PNEV5180B board with 65 mm x 65 mm antenna optimized for EMVCo applications, a 30 mm x 50 mm antenna with matching components optimized for NFC applications, three small antenna matching PCBs (appr. 30 mm x 50 mm sized) for implementation of a custom antenna matching circuit, an NFC sample card based on NTAG216F (NFC Forum Type 2 Tag) and 10 PN5180 samples in HVQFN package.

  • Highest RF performance
  • Full compliance with all standards relevant to NFC, contactless operation and EMVCo
  • Onboard Dynamic Power Control (DPC) for optimized RF performance
  • Active load modulation, boosting small antenna performance in Card Emulation Mode
  • Low-power card detection
  • Artificial damping of the RF field in the middle of the antenna simulating the presence of a PCB or display to demonstrate the expected performance