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Fairchild Semiconductor
Motion Tracking Module with MT Software Suite

The FMT1000-series is a module outputting 3D orientation, 3D rate of turn, 3D acceleration and 3D magnetic field. It is specifically designed for industrial applications featuring vibration rejection, a robust sensor fusion algorithm and a high update rate. The FMT1000-series can be configured for any application.

The FMT1000-series Evaluation Kit is an excellent tool to start working with the FMT1000-series. It has a pre-mounted FMT1030 AHRS and comes with the extensive MT Software Suite and USB-cabling. The MT Software Suite is full-featured, with logging and visualization options, intuitive configuration windows and possibilities to export data for use in other programs. The Software Development Kit contains source code for communication and libraries for data processing.

  • Easy to use Development Board
  • Complete MT Software Suite
    • MT Manager Logging and Visualization GUI
    • Windows 7 and Linux
    • SDK for Windows, Linux
    • Source Code/Drivers (platform-independent)
    • Magnetic Field Mapper
  • Drivers and Examples on ARMŽ mbedTM
  • Full Functionality
  • Delivered with FMT1030 Mounted
  • USB, RS232, UART, SPI, I2C Interfaces