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NXQ1TXH5 WPC 1.2 Qi-compliant wireless charger

The NXQ1TXH5DB1401 demo board is a slim-line sized and cost effective WPC 1.2 Qi-compliant wireless charger demo. It offers a fully integrated solution that includes a 5 V full-bridge power stage as defined in Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) 5 V Qi standards A5, A11, A12 and A16.

The board operates from an USB power supply and uses Smart Power Limiting (SPL) to adjust the output power automatically to compensate for power-limited supplies. LED outputs and a buzzer output are available for the user interface. The LED outputs feature a number of blinking modes.

  • Single-chip WPC 1.2 Qi-compliant device for A5/A11/A12/A16 5 V single-coil low-power transmitter
  • Operates from 5 V USB supply
  • Extremely low-power receiver detection circuitry; standby power 10 mW (typ.)
  • NTC input for external temperature check and protection
  • LED (x2) and buzzer outputs for user interface
  • Very few external components needed, minimizing cost and board space
  • FOD with automatic switching between V1.1 and V1.0 for legacy receiver support
  • Integrated high efficiency full-bridge power stage with low EMI radiation meeting EN55022 radiated and conducted emission limits