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Six-channel ALED7707-based LED driver

The purpose of this evaluation board is to provide an application example of a six-channel, medium-current LED driver using the ALED7707 chip. The monolithic boost converter provides the required LED supply voltage starting from a single supply rail, while the brightness of the LED strings connected to the six outputs is controlled through a PWM signal. Open LED and LED short-circuit fault conditions are detected and managed.

The board has been designed to provide a compact reference solution for automotive applications involving several LEDs arranged in multiple strings (e.g. interior lighting, infotainment LCD backlighting, etc.).

  • Wide DC input voltage (6 V - 32 V)
  • Six 70 mA output channels (capable of 30 mA to 85 mA each)
  • PWM brightness control (10 Ás minimum dimming on-time)
  • Up to 10 white LEDs per channel (36 V OVP threshold)
  • > 90% efficiency (VIN=12 V, VBOOST=30 V, fSW=1 MHz, no snubber)
  • On-board input filter for conducted EMI reduction
  • RoHS compliant
  • All automotive-grade components