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Demonstration Board for the ISL68201 Single-Phase Synchronous Buck Controller

The ISL68201-99140DEMO1Z is a 6-layer board demonstrating a compact 17mmx17mm 35A synchronous buck converter. Transient performance, fault protections, DC/AC regulations, PMBus programming, power sequencing, margining and other features can be evaluated using this board.

The ISL68201 is a single-phase synchronous buck PWM controller featuring Intersil’s proprietary R4™ Technology, which has extremely fast transient performance, accurately regulated frequency control and all internal compensation. The ISL68201 supports a wide 4.5V to 24V input voltage range and a wide 0.5V to 5.5V output range. It includes programmable functions and telemetries for easy use and high system flexibility using SMBus, PMBus, or I2C interface.

The ISL99140 is a high performance DrMOS power stage designed for high frequency power conversion. By combining a high performance FET driver and MOSFETs in an advanced package, high density DC/DC converters may be created.

The PMBus dongle (ZLUSBEVAL3Z), i.e., USB-to-PMBus™ adapter, and USB cable are included in the demonstration kit. Intersil’s PowerNavigator™ evaluation software can be installed from Intersil’s website and evaluate the full PMBus functionality of the part using a PC running Microsoft Windows 7 or 8.

  • 35A synchronous buck converter with PMBus control
  • On-board transient load with adjustable di/dt
  • Configurable through resistor pins
  • Cascadable PMBus connectors
  • Integrated LDOs for single rail solution
  • Enable switch and power-good indicator
  • All ceramics solution with SP capacitor footprint option