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QN9020DK Demoboard

QN9020DK: a highly extensible platform for application development of QN9020

The QN9020DK board is designed to make it as easy as possible to get started with your project based on NXP QN9020 BLE SOC.

The QN9020DK board integrates buttons, Piezo buzzer, LED for easy way to reset chip and indicate chip status. The DK board also provides useful interfaces such as USB port for UART communication and JLink debug, GPIO sensor.

  • Contains Jlink-OB offering SWD and UART interfaces for QN9020 debug and communication
  • Mini USB port for power and communication port
  • Power source select jumper used for power source selection
  • Current measurement jumpers used for measuring the QN9020 device power consumption
  • Button1/2 used as input
  • LED1/2 used as output to indicate QN9020 status
  • Extended QN9020 GPIO Port used for interface extension
  • UART interface used as communication port for QN9020 device