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Future Electronics
Secure Wireless Access Control Demonstration

Future Electronics presents a demonstration of our own Secure Wireless Access Control evaluation board. This board features triple-pass authentication, using a fingerprint reader, an encrypted NFC tag and a numeric keypad for entering a user’s PIN code.

Future Electronics engineers can demonstrate how to quickly configure the three security features of the board, and explain the way it passes or rejects attempts to gain access and displays the results on the board’s integrated LCD screen.

Based on an NXP Semiconductors LPC43S57 microcontroller, A70CM secure authentication IC, CLRC66302HN multi-protocol NFC front end and PCA8885 eight-channel capacitive touch/proximity sensor, the board was developed at a Future Electronics System Design Centre.

Request your Demonstration today and Security technology engineers from Future Electronics will be able to explain the steps to integrate this kind of security functionality into your product design.